The Koen Cavour Desk in solid walnut wood may be the most beautiful desk I’ve ever seen. I love everything about this piece, from the tilted, sculptural wood legs to the functional glass top. It almost looks like the top of this desk is floating on top of a piece of art. The Mid-Century Modern design of this piece just blows me away.

Walnut desk with mid-century modern design
Mid Century Modern Desk

Usually when I like furniture like this, it’s totally impractical. This desk is striking and it may just be the most beautiful thing I would own. I love being able to hide office work in the five drawers on the right hand side of the desk.

The drawer on the left hand side only has a glass top so I think I would keep that area tidy. It’s still nice to have a convenient place to set things when you don’t want to put something right on top of the desk where you will work. I’m thinking that drawer would be a great place to store my cell phone when I work.

This Mid-Century Modern desk originally sold for $5,781.95 but it’s on sale for $1,893.90. It comes with free shipping and a 60 day in-home guarantee. Since this particular desk is so much more expensive than a lot of the other desks out there, I spent some time scouring the reviews. It looks like this particular wood desk has 10 reviews with 4.5 stars. The lowest review was a 3 star review but the person wrote the following:

“Blown away. Great piece. Size, shape, color, all look great. Shipped quickly.”

Austin T.

I guess in their world, a 3 star desk means absolutely perfect? Pretty funny.

I was thinking about getting a custom desk, but now I’m definitely going to decorate my home office with the Mid Century Koen Cavour Desk in Walnut wood. I can’t imagine being more inspired to work and proud about a piece of office furniture.

Now I’ll go down the rabbit hole and search for a beautiful desk chair that’s also good for my back. If anyone knows of an ergonomic desk chair with a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, let me know. I’m on the market.

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